Setup - Registration

License Codes

After you purchase licenses for our products, you’ll receive an email containing the license code(s). The license codes are usually in the following format.


You’ll have to enter/copy & paste the entire license code in the registration window.


If you purchase a product bundle (like the TV Distortion Bundle) every plug-in in the bundle has it’s own license code and each plug-in has to be registered separately.

Registration Window

Register in AE

To activate the plug-in, you’ll need to enter the license code in the registration window. Registration window can be opened by clicking the Register button in the Effect Controls Window in Adobe After Effects.

Register in Pr

In Adobe Premiere Pro, it is slightly different. You’ll need to click that little rectangular box icon to open up the Registration window.

Registration Window

After you enter the license code, press Activate button and if the license code is valid, the plug-in will be registered and all the trial restrictions will be removed.

If you select the checkbox Register All Users, the plug-in will register the plug-in at the system level (requiring Administrator access). Otherwise, the license registration is stored at a user level and hence no Administrator access is necessary.


Deactivation Window

To deactivate the license(s) from the current machine/user open the Registration window and click the ‘Deactivate’ button once. Depending on how the license was registered (user level/system level), administrator access might be necessary.

Floating Licenses

Floating Licenses are leased from a license server ‘on demand’. They’re useful if you have multiple machines in your network. Floating licenses cannot be registered on individual machines directly. You need to run a ‘Floating License Server’ on any machine in the local network and enter it’s IP address(es) in the registration window of the client machines. Optionally, you can use the command-line tool to configure the server address(es) in the client machine.

Server Addresses

You can enter upto two IP addresses (main license server and an optional backup license server). Once you have the server up and running, simply open the registration window in the client machine and enter the IP address(es) of the license server(s). The server configuration can be store for the current user or for all users on the machine (system level) in which case Administrator access might be required.

License Server Registration

License Lease

Licenses are leased from the ‘Server’ when the plug-in is first applied on the client machine. They’re automatically dropped when the application is closed. If no more licenses can be allocated by the server, the plug-in will render a watermark.

Renew License

If you want to ‘Renew’ existing lease or lease a new license from the existing server simply open the ‘Registration’ window. If the lease/renewal is successful you’ll see something like the following message.

License Server Registration


Please note that license servers will be configured for all Rowbyte plug-ins. So if you change the license server settings for one Rowbyte plug-in other Rowbyte plug-ins will also be affected.

Command Line

If you order Render Only Licenses or Multiple User Licenses (Generally more than 5), you will receive a command line tool as a part of your download package. Follow these instructions below to register using the command line tool.

Please Note - Render Only Licenses (REN) can only be activated through the command line tool.


  1. Download the cmd-line tool zip archive and extract it.
  2. From the terminal cd to wherever you extracted it and use the following commands


rwbtool.exe register --key=RWBSR*JAMES*MAY*32104433742026SUL1


./rwbtool register --key=RWBSR*JAMES*MAY*32104433742026SUL1

By default license keys are registered in the ‘User Level’. If you want to register them to all users in the system, you need to register using the following commands. On macOS, ‘sudo’ is optional depending on your filesystem permissions.


rwbtool.exe register --key=PLEXUS3*RICHARD*HAMMOND*56704433742016SUL1


sudo ./rwbtool register --key=PLEXUS3*RICHARD*HAMMOND*56704433742016SUL1 --level=system

If you wish to de-activate: Windows:

rwbtool.exe remove --prod=plexus3

Specify Level: rwbtool.exe remove --prod=bdc --level=user rwbtool.exe remove --prod=plexus3 --level=system


sudo ./rwbtool remove --prod=dataglitch Specify Level: ./rwbtool.exe remove --prod=bdc --level=user sudo ./rwbtool remove --prod=plexus3 --level=system

You can also check the if the license is registered or not by the ‘info’ command.

Windows: rwbtool.exe info --prod=plexus3 Specify level: rwbtool.exe info --prod=bdc --level=system rwbtool.exe info --prod=dataglitch --level=user

macOS: ./rwbtool info --prod=plexus3 Specify level: ./rwbtool info --prod=bdc --level=system ./rwbtool info --prod=dataglitch --level=user

Lastly, you can also register or remove floating license server address(es).

Windows: rwbtool.exe register --prod=server --key= --key= rwbtool.exe register --key=, Specify level: rwbtool.exe register --key=, --level=user rwbtool.exe register --key= --level=system

macOS: ./rwbtool register --prod=server --key= --key= ./rwbtool register --key=, Specify level: ./rwbtool register --key=, --level=user sudo ./rwbtool register --key= --level=system

To remove license server address(es):

Windows: rwbtool.exe remove --prod=server Specify Level: rwbtool.exe remove --prod=server --level:user rwbtool.exe remove --prod=server --level:system

macOS: sudo ./rwbtool remove --prod=server Specify Level: ./rwbtool remove --prod=server --level:user sudo ./rwbtool remove --prod=server --level:system

On macOS, ‘sudo’ is optional depending on your filesystem permissions (admin privleges).

You can also see the help menu by ‘help’ argument. Also, to get a list of all product names: Windows:

rwbtool.exe help


./rwbtool help


If you’re having trouble registering the plug-ins please do contact us.