Bad TV

Bad TV is designed to create a realistic analog bad tv distortion like in the olden days before digital television.

Bad TV Effect Controls


Time Control: Automatic mode animates the time automatically along the timeline. Manual mode means the time can be animated manually.

Distortion Mode: The distortion at the edges. Stretch mode stretches the edge pixels all the way to the edge, where as Tile mode repeats (tiles) the pixels.

Signal Distortion: The amount of signal based distortion. Simulates an analog poor reception.

Scan Distortion: Creates the wavy distortion.

Horizontal Sync: Makes the scan go out of sync horizontally.

Vertical Sync: Makes the scan go out of sync vertically.

Bars Overlay: Overlays contrasting bars that move. Useful to simulate ghosting.

Noise: Creates a noise overlay on the image.

Scanline Overlay: Creates scanlines on top of the image.

Scanline Speed: Control how fast the scan lines are moving. Can be negative to make them move in the opposite direction.

Scanline thickness: Control the thickness of the scanlines.

Blend w/Original: Blend with the original image.