Instances Object

Internally known as the Inception object, this object lets you create multiple instances of an existing Plexus Object (Plexus layer with all the geometry and effector objects). You can also nest those instances (like nested comps) so you can have multiple levels of recursion! Even better, you can have an time delay between those instances, so they are echoed in time.

Plexus Instances Object

Instance Layer: The Plexus Layer which is to be instanced.

Refresh Instance: Refresh the instance to see any changes you’ve made to the layer.

Get Color From Vertices: Gets the color from the vertices of the instanced layer. If unchecked you can set the color of the vertices.

Get Opacity From Vertices: Gets the opacity from the vertices of the instanced layer. If unchecked you can set the opacity of the vertices.

Replication: You can replicate the instance and create multiple copies.

Num of Instances:No of Instance that are to be created (No. of Copies).

Replication Depth:The depth in which the instances are distributed.

Replicate Axis:The axis in which the replicated instances are distributed.

Replication Direction: If ‘Positive’ they are distributed on the positive axis and if ‘Negative’ they are distributed on the negative axis. Default is ‘Both’ which means they are distributed on both positive and negative axis.

Replication Center: The center of the object by which all the transformations are calculated.

Auto-Align Center: Auto-Align the instance to the current center. All the vertices will be re-positioned with respect to the current center.

XYZ Rotation:Set the start and end rotations in X,Y,Z axes.

Echo: Turn on Echo mode which delays the time between instances.

Echo Delay: Sets the time delay between instances. Only active when Echo is turned on.

Facet Mode: You can either “Import Facets” from the instance or “Regenerate” them in the current object.

Group: The Group which the Object belongs to in the Plexus.

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