Geometry Objects

These objects help you create or import geometry into Plexus. They add new vertices and/or facets, which cannot be seen until you add a ‘Renderer Object’.

  1. Layers Object: Creates Vertices & Facets from Spot Lights, Point Lights, 3D Nulls and 3D Layers in the composition. You can selectively control which layers are to be used based on their names.
  2. Paths Object: Creates Vertices and Faces from the Masks applied to the current layer. If its a text layer it creates vertices based on the text outlines.
  3. OBJ Object: Imports vertices and faces from OBJ files or OBJ file sequences exported from various 3D applications.
  4. Primitives Object: Creates primitive shapes like a Cube and a Sphere. Helpful, if you need some basic shape to start with.
  5. Instances Object: Creates instances of another Plexus layer. Very useful to replicate objects and to create an echo between those instances.
  6. Slicer Object: Slicer objects lets you ‘slice through’ a mesh or project vertices onto a mesh. It creates interesting ‘scanning’ type of effects.