OBJ Object

Plexus OBJ Object

OBJ Layer: Select the OBJ File or File Sequence imported through AE’s File Importer. To see how this works, watch this OBJ Import Tutorial

OBJ Sequence Loop: Popup to choose between the type of loop, to loop the OBJ Sequences.

OBJ Resolution: Controls the resolution/No. of Vertices of the OBJ File. Please Note: This is computationally very expensive as it needs to recalculate geometry. It is recommended to reduce poly count before importing the model into Plexus. For more details refer the Usage & Performance.

Transform OBJ: Controls the position , rotation and scale of the OBJ.

Color: The default color of the vertices.

Opacity: The default opacity of the vertices.

Import Facets: Imports the Faces from the OBJ File, which can be rendered using the Plexus Facets Render Object.

Texture Co-ordinates: You can import UV co-ordinates from the OBJ file or Generate them based on the indices or Generate them based on their position. These co-ordinates are utilized when Color Maps are applied.

Group: The Group which the Object belongs to in the Plexus.

Performance Tips

Other Notes