Triangulation Render Object

Triangulation Render Object

Triangulates points using different modes to create triangles between points. Unlike the Facets, effectors can’t effect the triangles created by the triangulation object.

Render Mode: Set the current render mode:

Maximum Distance: The Maximum Distance between three vertices until which the triangles are rendered.

Max No.of Triangles: The maximum number of triangles each vertex is connected to. Active only during the Nearest Triangles Render mode.

Get Colors From Vertices: If selected, the ‘Color’ parameter is overridden and the color is obtained from the vertices.

Color Mode: Sets the Color Interpolation mode between the vertices.

Get Opacity From Vertices: If selected the ‘Opacity’ parameter is overridden and the opacity is obtained from the vertices.

Opacity over Distance: Let’s you specify how the Opacity changes over distance.

Calc Lines Distance: You can choose between three modes.

Draw Triangles Between: Popup to Draw triangles from vertices in between the same group, or in between different groups or in between all the groups, or just two groups.