Render Objects

These objects are needed to render the vertices or faces or any types of interactions between them. You can have multiple render objects and like effectors, order of these objects in the effect stack is also important, since they are rendered in that order.

There in 5 types of Render Objects in Plexus.

  1. Points Render Object: Renders Points and Sprites from the Vertices. You can choose between different Sprite Sampling modes.
  2. Lines Render Object: The hallmark of Plexus, it simply renders lines between the nearest vertices.
  3. Facets Render Object: Renders the facets created by Geometry Objects. You can control the opacity over distance between the vertices.
  4. Triangulation Render Object: Triangulates points using different modes to create triangles between points. Unlike the Facets, effectors can’t effect the triangles created by the triangulation object.
  5. Beams Render Object: Creates Beams between vertices in an object or between vertices of different groups. The Beams work just like the Beam Effect in After Effects, but everything happens in 3D Space.